Curaçao - TEKDIVECur

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Welcome to Curaçao - a true diver's paradise
  • More than 80 dive spots, 30+ from shore.
  • Diverse reefs, over 50 different coral and sponge species.
  • More than 10 wrecks, ranging from 6 m to 165 m.
  • Deep (tec) dives at almost any place possible.
  • Rich coral gardens in the shallows.
  • No long swim-outs.

  • World Heritage historical city.
  • Fine dining, 7 days a week and many restaurants to choose from.
  • Great beaches with all facilities to relax and have lunch.
  • Several shopping centers.
  • Sailing, kite surfing, hiking, quad tours, mountaineering.
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